Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The latest from the chutzpah department

Sometimes you just have to be amazed at the emails you get from strangers.  Here's the latest:


I have been perusing educational blogs of late and really enjoy your perspectives on education. I was particularly interested in your post on college campus violence, as there will be a Board of Regents meeting on the University of Colorado Denver campus that is expected to deal with whether or not individuals will be able to bear arms on campus this upcoming week.

Anyway, I work in affiliation with _______ College ( and was wondering if it would be possible for us to place an in-text link to the website in one of your posts? We would not be asking that ________ appear in the text, but rather a link from an anchor text statement would link to ________.

Please email me back and let me know if that is a possibility!


Yeah, right -- some stranger from a for-profit college (which is what it was) wants me to advertise and promote her college for her in my blog, all just because I'm a nice guy.  You'd think she'd at least offer me some monetary compensation for the free advertising.  But noooooooo. . . .

Let me know if any of you other bloggers have heard from Genevieve.


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  2. It's an interesting formula: summarize a random post of the blogger to prove that there's a "personal" interest in your work, then say, "anyway, what I *really* want is..."

    The things people do.

    Anyway, what I really want is a link back to my blog somewhere in this post... :p

    It's great to see you on blogger. Hope you're doing well.

    John Jones
    EDTHP PhD '07