Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another take on the U. of California fee increases

I published an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle today, outlining why the fee increases imposed by the UC regents was the right decision.  The op-ed was based on my earlier blog post on the topic.  There was an opposing piece written by the former admissions director at UC Berkeley, as well as two other op-eds. You can see all of them in the Chronicle's Sunday Insight section.


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  2. Thanks for writing this Don. What's the corollary story for the CSU?

  3. Windy -- excellent point; you're right that the more elite institutions/systems receive an undue amount of attention, and I am guilty of that in this piece. In my defense, the Chron gave me a very small window - 700 words or so - for my piece. So while I consider the entire California system in crisis, I decided to just focus on the one piece of it. I felt that the finaid side of the UC Regents' decision was missing from most of the news accounts, and that's why I decided to focus on that.

  4. Here are permalinks to the other three op-eds in the series:
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