Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cheers, Mate

Our last day in London is finally upon us. We leave bustling London tomorrow morning to return to bucolic Happy Valley. We're in the midst of packing up, which we've discovered is much easier on this end -- it just means finding everything we own scattered around the house and shoving it into one of our seven suitcases, one picture frame box (for Rosie's art work she's bringing home), and assorted carry-ons.

I think we all have mixed feelings, sad about leaving behind a wonderful experience here in London, but also looking forward to returning home to see friends (and family elsewhere around the States). We've been reflecting both upon all we managed to do while we were here, as well as those things to which we never made it. Luckily, the former far outnumber the latter. Anne's been religious about filling up her London Moleskin (thanks, Eric) with everything she's done in various categories: theatre, museums, outings, tourist sites, etc. I've been a little less compulsive, but for those of you who have friended me on Facebook, I have posted there a list of the shows I've seen, along with things I'll miss about London and those things I won't be missing quite as much.

As I look back on my blog over the last five months, I realized I've probably posted more about my life here in London than I have about higher education issues. Probably natural, given the difference in life here compared to back home. But I'm going to do my best to get back to some of the topics I promised to write about, such as the college admissions process here. I will be continuing to work with my friend and colleague Claire Callender, who has been absolutely a wonderful host, so I know I'll be learning (and hopefully writing) more about British higher education policy.

I'm also going to try to provide semi-regular posts on higher education issues in the States, but know I'll never be as religious at posting as my friends Sara and Liam over at The Education Optimists, another good blog on higher education -- but hell, they have two people writing! There is a lot going on, between the programs proposed by the Obama Administration, and the changes forced on the sector by the economic situation, so I'll do my best to provide commentary and additional information.

So back to packing, saying some last good-byes, taking one last stroll on the Regent's Canal (it's finally beautiful here, of course, now that we're leaving), and watching the finals of Britain's Got Talent tonight. Cheers, Mate!

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  1. Safe travels. It's been fun following your adventures abroad -- and I look forward to the higher ed policy stuff too.