Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The College Board Says "Take a Mulligan"

This is a comment I posted to an article on The Huffington Post:

I don't know whether Lorin is an employee of the College Board, ETS, or ACT for that matter. But he/she is a bit disingenuous in stating that, "As for whether it's a good indicator of college success, well, after controlling for school selectivity (restriction of range), the SAT and high school grades do about as good of a job as you could expect." The overwhelming research evidence (conducted by independent researchers) is that SAT scores add very little to the predictive ability of high school grades and the other information available in a holistic admissions review. And the predictive ability is of first-year grades only, not overall college success, as measured by the probability of graduation or later grades.

And Isabel - not even ETS or the College Board would claim that, "The SAT is a test that, theoretically, is meant to test intelligence."
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